About Doodles Market

Market for foodies

We know you live life to the fullest, so we made it easy for you to find the exciting products you cherish, all in one marketplace.

Natural products at your reach

Why Doodles✌️

We noticed a gap between the people looking for exciting, natural products and the producers that make them. While most of these items don’t make it to your local supermarket, we focus on making it convenient for you to find them here.

A Marketplace with a ❤️

Our Mission

Your purchase not only brings joy to your life but also supports the small businesses that keep our nation running. Doodles makes it easy for you to find what you love while helping the community shine, thanks to your support.

Our Touch

We are driven by passion and let our playful personalities come through everything we do. We value adventure, community, passion and are inspired to work with like-minded folks to pave a better tomorrow.

Adventure, Passion and Community

Since 2017, Doodles Productions has been crafting upbeat, positive initiatives focused on adventure, passion, and community. Doodles Market reimagines shopping as a space that brings together communities and emerging brands to celebrate life. Together, life’s sweeter.

Doing Good ❤️

Your participation helps us turn grocery shopping into a fundraising opportunity at no cost to shoppers or you. We designed a program that lets Doodles Market share its revenue with humanitarian organizations from all over the USA.

We Love Diversity

Doodles celebrates all the beautiful diversity found in our community because we believe it enriches our lives. We encourage like-minded people and emerging businesses from any cultural background, gender, or sexual orientation to join our community. This is our opportunity to support each other and prosper together.