Our Story

Our Story

Adventure, passion, and community

Doodles Productions has been crafting upbeat, positive initiatives since 2017. Doodles Market is our community-focused approach to grocery shopping, where you can find unbelievable options made by inspiring and up-and-coming producers from all over the map. 🙌

The siblings behind


Mom, Edgar & Johana
From play to reality

We are Johana and Edgar Alexander Flores, the siblings behind Doodles. 

When we were kids, I spent my days daydreaming and playing with Legos. My sister, Johana, would spend quality time trying out new, exciting recipes from magazines. However, our games crossed when Johana started play-pretending to be a shop. She would grab my Legos, wrap them like ice-cream sandwiches, and ask me if I wanted to buy ice-cream from her. It drove me CrAzY back then. Fast forward years later, and here we are, running a market and loving it. Life is funny. 😜


The search for natural options

Through Doodles have been invested in creating memorable initiatives that involve community building, labor that requires a lot of time and effort from us. However, I noticed how my energy would continually drop during the day. I was advised to watch my diet, cut down my carbs and sugar intake.

As a serious snacker, I was determined to find delicious but natural options. I was surprised to realize that it was a daunting task. Either there were not options, or finding the right product was just too hard. Later, I discovered that these products do exist but are vastly made by indie producers whose products don’t make it to the supermarkets and get lost on the internet. I thought this is a problem that needs to be solved.


Edgar, Johana & Dad
Look no further; find what you love here ❤️
Options at your reach

I shared my experience with my foodie, business-savvy sister Johana. We realized that we have the expertise and support to build a platform that could help both foodies and emerging businesses. 

Johana and I are both nerds, maybe a bit obsessive, love natural products, community, and we love to work. We pulled our thinking hats, rolled up our sleeves, and created Doodles.

Doodles is a grocery marketplace that makes it easy for people like you and us to find exciting natural items. We work with exceptional indie brands to make their products conveniently available online and at our pop-up markets happening across the United States.