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Doodles Market is an online marketplace and a pop-up market for people who love natural products.

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Get shoppers to see your brand and try your products

We re-imagined the B2C natural expo into a fun grocery experience. Our pop-ups are an effective marketing effort that requires no travel expenses. Ship your products, we will bring the world to see your Brand.
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Sell where shoppers like to buy

People prefer marketplaces over Brand or Retailer websites, especially for repeat purchases.

Doodles Market provides shoppers with unseen convenience. We offer you a powerful marketplace shop, high revenue from sales, and exciting marketing opportunities.

Doing good ❤️

Helps us turn grocery shopping into a fundraising opportunity at no cost to you. We designed a program that lets Doodles Market share its revenue with humanitarian organizations from all over the USA.

Get them to try your products

Pop-Up Markets

Imagine people from all over America seeing your brand and trying your natural products.
Join us and we’ll make it happen.

Join our pop-up markets and enjoy these exciting perks:

  1. Re-imagined B2C Expo concept!
  2. Multi-day pop-up market
  3. Backed by paid & organic marketing
  4. Natural grocery focused event
  5. Highly targeted audience
  6. Showcase and sale of your products
  7. Comprehensive brand story label
  8. Attendee email singups to brand
  9. Bag Insert/freebie/giveaway opportunities
  10. Product discount opportunity
  11. Your brand’s sales report
Official Launch - Austin, TX

4-Day Event
Location: TBA
Date: Fall 2021
Showcase: From $1,000

Soft Launch - Houston, TX

2-Day Event
Location: Silver Street Studios
Date: October 23rd – 24th, 2021
Unique Promo: Showcase $350!

Some of the exciting Brands joining us at our Doodles Market expo pop-up

Doodles pop-ups are produced by our parent organization Doodles Productions.

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The Best Way to Sell Online

Online Marketplace

It’s simple. Shoppers prefer marketplaces. We make it easy and cost-effective for you to have a powerful marketplace shop, get discovered, and make more money.


No membership fees.
No listing fees.
No payment processing fees.
Our commission is 35% whenever you make a sale. That’s it!
This revenue share supports our operations and humanitarian organizations we partner with.